About us

Environment + Personality + Honesty
These are the three holding pillars of our business

We are facing with an environmental crisis now, recognising and acting on it is more important than ever. Earth is not the one in danger. Earth has been through a lot throughout its lifetime, had always been recovered, and will recover. The threat is to all living beings living on this beautiful planet. We have created the threat and we not just threatening other lives but eventually our own future as well. As a young business we do want to make sure we take the responsibility and make sure we act on the issue. What do we do to make a difference?

Why solid Wood?
Solid wood is the most sustainable material on Earth. Grows naturally, will disintegrate naturally where it grew from fertilising other trees, plants. Still, harvesting timber is a big issue so we make sure that our source comes only from FSC or PEFC certified timber providers. For small projects, such as a tape measure, instead of buying big planks of timber we source it from a reclaimed wood shop. They collect old furniture and much kind of wooden items that would end up on the land fields, taking it apart and sell them according to species. This is a great way to recycle timber.

• Personality
We do want our clients to play a key factor in the designing process. Eventually, it will be a product for your pleasure, for your comfort and we want to deliver you what you really want. Never be shy to say, bring up some suggestion, some of your ideas. We shape the future together.

We do believe in honesty in business. We want to build an honest and good relationship with our clients. When there is a problem, our aim is to share and find a solution for the issue and not behind but with the customer, with You.

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