Wooden angled clip board
Wooden angled clip board

Wooden angled clip board

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Welcome to WoodCastle, where finding a treasure is a pleasure.

First and foremost we're very glad that you have wandered into our etsy shop. I'd like to encourage you to have a look around and feel free to message to us if you had any doubts, any questions.

We'd like you to meet with WoodCastle's wooden, angled clip board. Elegant but simple design concentrating more on your comfort. The angle provides a comfort position for writing just as a desktop computer's adjustable keyboard but also can be picked up easily and write on it in hurry.

Also, all our wooden item are made out of reclaimed wood. We are passionate woodworkers but also nature activist and trying to be more aware using wood as a natural source.

If you've got interested, please visit our social media pages as well where you can find more details and working progresses.
Instagram: woodcastle_uk
Facebook: WoodCastle

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